We bring Moomin­summer Madness to Helsinki

In Tove Jansson’s iconic Midsummer tale the stranded Moomin family is rescued from a terrifying flood when a floating theater suddenly appears and swoops them aboard on an unforgettable adventure.

Midsummer in Helsinki can make one feel a bit stranded too. What to do? Where to go? Well, for Midsummer 2020 the floating stage will appear on Töölö Bay, right in the heart of Helsinki to answer all these questions.

Midsummer Madness is turning Midsummer in the city into a Moomin adventure that all the locals and international travellers can experience on the long, bright Midsummer Eve night. The event combines the adored Moomin tales with Midsummer traditions, which both make up for cornerstones of Finnish culture.

Töölö Bay fills with Moomin­valley magic

Is there a better place for a Midsummer festival in Helsinki? The glittering bay surrounded by lush trees and dotted with historical wooden villas is a miniature of the whole Finnish landscape. Töölö Bay is also easy to reach whether you arrive by plane, boat, or train. From abroad or elsewhere in Finland – we want to celebrate Midsummer together, in a place that’s easy to access for everybody.

Festival programme

Starting on Midsummer Eve afternoon and continuing throughout the night, 19.–20.6.2020, you will see and experience firsthand how Moomin tales, Finnish culture and Midsummer traditions are intertwined. The Midsummer Eve afternoon is filled with things to do and see for the whole family. The evening programme is for adults, in the spirit of Moominpappa’s adventures.

Midsummer Madness showcases music and performing arts from all around Europe. The main venue being the floating stage, of course. The mainland in Hesperia park hosts different activities, workshops and installations that encourage visitors to explore Finnish culture and way of life. The park area will turn into a magical place of discovery, much like the Moominvalley itself.

Our values

Midsummer Madness, its programme and all our actions are built around the values of discovery, togetherness, respect for nature and creative idealism. The values stem from the Moomin philosophy, Tove Jansson’s lifework and the Finnish culture.

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